SoundBoard Angel Fund brings together a successful group of founding investors with the SoundBoard approach to leadership and entrepreneurship. Together the founding team has over 100 years of experience in investments and financial management alongside their individual entrepreneurial journeys. The founders' strong financial backgrounds, experience in launching new companies, investment successes (financial exits), and diverse strategic perspectives ensure that SoundBoard Angel Fund will see the invested companies to great success and realize better than average returns.

The fund will leverage the founders' skill sets as well as those of the group's investors to invest in a portfolio of dynamic companies led by exemplary leaders in the following industries food and beverage, education, health care services, consumer products and technology.

What Makes Us Different? 

SoundBoard Angel Fund has its roots in consulting and coaching with entrepreneurs of all types – from "solopreneuers" in consumer products to multimillion dollar corporations in the service industry. The added value is our support and expertise as a boutique consulting firm. Each of the Fund’s portfolio investments will have a predetermined accelerator-like program that works in parallel to the capital infusion which will be drafted and agreed to by the entrepreneur, the investor group and a member of the SoundBoard team. The SoundBoard level of support will vary on a number of factors but will always be a point of accountability for the company no matter the investment size.


The SoundBoard Angel Fund will primarily focus on the following industries and sectors:

  • Food/Beverage: any retailer or wholesaler of specialty (niche) food products
  • Education: training/certification and specialty schools (e.g., vocational, career education)
  • Health Care Services: utilizing a new method to bring services to a broader audience
  • Consumer Products
  • (Efficiency) Technology: developing scalable technologies intended to make an individual's life or businesses' process easier and more efficient